Christmas Celebrations in Sydney

While Sydney is known as a multicultural city, it embraces people from different religions, but the majority of residents are Christians. Due to this reason, the Easter and Christmas are declared as the public holidays in Sydney and in other parts of Australia. Christmas is the day of the year, while the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As this is a festive season, so the city and the shops are decorated with conventional symbols.

If you come to Sydney to celebrate Christmas from other parts of this globe, then you may expect a white Christmas with low temperatures and snow. But in Sydney, the weather during Christmas is summer.


In Sydney the Christmas Eve is celebrated by placing the Santa on the surfboard or even in the surf lifesaving boat, by going for outdoor festivals and picnics, by arranging BBQ and cold drink parties in bikinis around the pool and burning loads of crackers and fireworks.

A number of residents enjoy having a picnic. Other interesting activities to enjoy Christmas are:  playing cricket in the backyard, swimming in the pools or engaging in some other important activities. One of the popular destinations in Sydney that attracts numerous tourists on the Christmas Eve is the Bondi Beach, located in the Eastern suburb in Sydney.

Due to the warm weather, the Australians enjoy this tradition by organizing Carols by Candlelight. Numerous people gather together to celebrate this ritual together under the clean cut sky of the night. Besides, in Sydney, people also enjoy Carol in the weeks that lead up to Christmas.

Christmas meals 

The traditional Christmas meals in Sydney include a complete turkey dinner along with a pork and ham. Besides, a special flaming Christmas plum pudding is arranged for the dessert. The Christmas puddings often include gold nuggets, where a small favor is baked inside the pudding to symbolize good luck. Other additions to the Christmas meal are the Mince Pies, Pavlovas, ice cream and fruit salad.


During the Christmas Eve, the Australians surround themselves with the Christmas bush, a local plant with small green colored leaves and cream shaded flowers. During the summer days and mainly during the Christmas time, the flowers converted into deep and shiny red color. Besides, the Australians also hang wreaths on the front doors and also decorate their gardens and homes with the Christmas lights and Christmas trees. The kids assist their parents and elders in decorating the Christmas tree. In the majority of the homes, conventional rules are followed to celebrate this Christmas Eve. In a number of cases, the residents of Sydney also compete with each other about who has got the best decorations and the best lights to display. To do this, the displays are put out from the first week of December. Additionally, the neighbors visit each other’s place to check the displays of the Christmas lights at night.


As the Christmas Eve in Sydney is celebrated during the summer days, so the majority of the people celebrate it by wearing t-shirts and shorts.

Accommodations for Xmas

If you are planning to spend you Christmas in Sydnye Australia, early hotel booking is highly recommended.