NYE on Sydney Harbour

The New Years’ Eve 2018 in Sydney Harbour can become memorable if you are lucky enough to have the first hand experience of the fireworks organized by the local governing body. If you are planning to spend the next new year in Australia then it is time that you have an advance booking in any of the charter  boats within the Exclusion Zone This particular zone is segregated by numerous yellow buoys extending from the Cockatoo Island to the west of the Clark Island. This particular area becomes active  from 8 in the evening till half an hour after midnight. Prior reservation is essential since the area authority do not allow unauthorized vessels within the mentioned time frame. Moreover the local authority also restricts movement under and around the Sydney Harbour.

The reason why 2 million tourists flocks on Sydney Harbour on 31st December is to experience NYE fireworks. The celebration of New Year begins from 9 pm with a colourful choreographed firework display. The fireworks are set off from the Sydney Harbour with numerous pyrotechnic effects. The entire program can be viewed from the cruise on Sydney harbour, bridge, harbour and from the nearest buildings.

In case you are unable to reach the point at the right time then you can enjoy the live broadcast the program broadcasted by the local radio stations. In case you prefer to enjoy the celebration right from your couch then tune to Channel 10 to view the live performance.

The entire harbour is designed with themed rope light with gorgeous light along the entire area. Thus the viewers from the boat can experience the magnificent fireworks right from the river. The 9:00 pm Family Firework ends with a Light of Parade which displays a procession 50 illuminated boats sailing on the water body. This is a spectacular and memorable sight which is sure to take your breath away. The 9pm firework is mainly performed keeping in mind the sleep pattern of the Australian. The firework at 9pm can be viewed by almost every family who prefers to sleep early.

However the real fun begins just before the midnight. The second phase of firework starts a few seconds after the New Year and continues for an hour. The entire area near the Sydney Harbour bustles in millions of voice, music and celebration is one the air.

If you are lucky enough to get a sit in one the Light Parade Vessel then you can have several advantages over the others viewing from the Harbour and near by location. To begin with, you will be having the best view of the NYE fireworks that begins at 9:00 pm.

The celebration can continue as you can also experience the midnight fireworks right from this vessel. These vessels are the best place where you can avoid crowd until midnight. These vessels carries a limited number of passengers to guarantee safety and full entertainment. Since the entire program takes place on water body therefore the authority is strict about the safety of each vessel. This is probably the reason why they do not allow crowded vessels.

Sydney is among the few cities that celebrates New Year ahead of other nations. This fact has popularized New Year celebration of Sydney. In fact 20% of the monthly revenue alone comes form this celebration. This has now become an international event. Therefore the tickets for the vessels are sold out months before the celebration.