Welcome New Year 2018 with Excitement in New Zealand

Making every minute of New Year’s Eve and New Year 2017 special by celebrating it in New Zealand is surely recommended. Promising high quality enjoyment and world of excitement laid to impress visitors, there has always been a huge rush. People from all over the world fly to New Zealand for making their New Year special because it is one moment that one will never forget. After all, it is the matter of spending some quality time with family on special occasion and what best time can be than New Year at New Zealand. Definitely, one is greeted with tremendous amount of fireworks, carnivals, food and drink display as well as a promising mode of hospitality. Each and every place in New Zealand is dazzled and decorated with lights to welcome New Year.

  • Auckland Sky Tower

NYE FIreworks at Sky Tower

New Year is one of the best moments to bring out the madness in you and enjoy to the soul as special moments do not turn around. Making every minute special, the celebrations at Auckland’s Sky Tower is beyond explanation. Considered as one of the most amazing places to enjoy New Year’s Eve and the New Year, one cannot get off his eyes from the dazzling decorations. Not just this; the Sky Tower is well famed out-of-the world fireworks. In fact, the dazzling fireworks have the tendency to spellbound people. Along with this, enjoy lip-smacking food and booze out at discounted rates to enhance the excitement level. Learn further about Auckland NYE here.

  • Auckland Harbor

New Years Eve on Aucland Harbour

If Sky Tower is not on the cards; then, make sure that you should not give a miss to spectacular fireworks at Auckland Harbor. Offering a panoramic view of the city around and the majestic fireworks, you will surely be spellbound by the patterns exhibited in sky. Adding four stars to New Year celebrations is the mesmerizing surroundings and cool atmosphere with food as well as drinks served in restaurants at discounted rates. Obviously, New Year is one of the special moments in a year and Auckland Harbor is the right place to enjoy to the fullest.

  • Wellington

Promising to make your New Year an event to remember, Wellington is just the right place to explore world class fireworks and extensive music. Everyone knows that New Years Eve is the time of celebration that bring joyous moments and Frank Kitts Park in Wellington will not leave any stone unturned to make the time special for their visitors. Watch the spectacular fireworks or get indulged in soulful music, Wellington is definitely will take excitement to the next level. Read full guidelines on New Years Eve in Wellington for your information.

  • Christchurch

New Years Eve in Christchurch

A perfect place to party, Christchurch offers some of the most memorable celebration moods. In fact, the North Hagley Park is an ideal choice to experience spectacular fireworks that leaves everyone spellbound. Besides this, the restaurants offer lucrative discounts on food and drink for making that New Year moment more special. Read more for NYE in Chirstchurch.

  • Queenstown

New Years Eve in Queenstown

Thinking as to clubs and towers or harbours only offer spectacular fireworks in New Zealand; then, give it another thought. It is because Lake Wanaka in Queenstown is quite popular for dazzling fireworks. And for sure, each minute spent here will add to the list of cherishing moments.